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Nanditha KalidossinWeekly Update, COVID-19
Apr 26, 2021
  • Vaccine Tracker: India began the second phase of vaccination against the novel coronavirus on 01 March 2021. According to the health ministry, as of 25 April 2021, 11.92 crore vaccine doses have been administered to beneficiaries in the country.

1. Common Misinformation:

  • Post circulating on social media that women should not take vaccine before and after their menstrual cycle is false.
  • A media report claims that export of oxygen from India rose over 700% in Jan'21 vs '20 is false.  
  • Claims of black pepper, honey, ginger curing Covid-19 is fake.
  • Edible camphor does not cure COVID-19.
  • No scientific evidence to prove that intake of raw onions with rock salt can cure the COVID-19 virus.  
  • 10 grams of ghee is not going to produce 1 ton of oxygen during yajna.
  • Vaccination Certificate is wrongly shared as Death Certificate with PM Modi’s image.   
  • Rahul Gandhi in his tweet mentioned that only 1.4% of the population is fully vaccinated, but it was shared on social media with misleading claims to suggest that he said only 1.4% had received at least one dose.
  • Videos from Gujarat crematorium portrayed as plight of COVID-19 dead bodies in Maharashtra.

2. Over performing/common trends in the last week:

  • CrowdTangle Insights from the previous week- the post on individuals above 18 years will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines has overperformed by 93.92 times.
  • The post on a husband pleading the hospital to admit his wife has overperformed by 75.57 times.
  • The post on thief in Haryana returns 622 stolen doses has overperformed by 58.93 times.
  • The post on Bharat Biotech MD Dr. Ella Slams COVAXIN Critics, Says 'they Can't Believe India Did It' has overperformed by 48.54 times.

3. On-ground surveys on COVID-19

  • Sero-positivity 'lower' in smokers & vegetarians, says CSIR survey
  • Over 50% of companies to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination for employees, dependents: Survey
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