General vaccine trends in India -19

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May 25, 2021
  • Vaccine Tracker: India began the second phase of vaccination against the novel coronavirus on 01 March 2021. According to the health ministry, as of 24 May 2021, 15.29 crore persons have been administered at least one dose of the vaccine.

1.  Common Misinformation:

  • A Facebook page called ‘Citizen vs. Government’ broadcasts all sorts of dangerous conspiracies about the pandemic every day. With a following of ~5000 people, the page has disinformation ranging from New World Oder to Bill Gates conspiracy theories, among other things.  
  • A website called awakenIndiamovement is spreading disinformation about social distancing, masks, and vaccines. It demands: “No lockdown, no social distancing, no masks, and no testing”.  
  • Under the influence of a viral message claiming that lemon juice can kill the coronavirus, a school teacher in Raichur had died. He was allegedly influenced by former MP and BJP leader Vijay Sankeshwar who had advocated lime juice inhalation to prevent oxygen shortage. Other reports suggest that the reason for death may be something else.
  • UP villagers jump into the river to avoid ‘poisonous injection’ during COVID-19 vaccination drive.
  • Doctors warned against the infamous cow dung therapy to treat COVID-19, saying that it may accentuate black fungal infection, a severe post-COVID complication that doctors say is linked to the excessive use of steroids at an early stage of infection.  
  • Neither has the World Bank exported COVID-19 testing kits in 2018 nor is there a United Nation’s New World Order Agenda 21/2030.
  • This person who claimed that he needs mandir and not roti did not die of lack of access to oxygen.    
  • No COVID-19 vaccine appointment via Telegram, Centre busts fake news.
  • Covid vaccine online scam: 10 websites, apps that are fake.
  • At least 1,000 duped on fake Covid jab websites.  
  • Type of vaccine administered would regulate international travel, PIB says misleading and speculative.  
  • The claim that Mucormycosis can be treated with alum, turmeric, rock salt, and mustard oil is fake news.
  • People are receiving COVID-19 Vaccine feedback calls from "912250041117". A WhatsApp forward says answering the call can hack the phone is fake news.

2. Overperforming/common trends in the last week:

  • CrowdTangle Insights from the previous week- the post on Anandaiah Corona medication has worked wonders in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh has overperformed by 1023.55 times.
  • The post on son sings for dying mother in COVID ward has overperformed by 861.43 times.
  • The post on Facebook live of Dr. Arvind Kumar seeking information on the efficacy of #vaccine against the new #COVID variants or on how to protect your kids has overperformed by 762.95 times. The same post has overperformed by 2777.09 times on Instagram.  

3.  On-ground surveys on COVID-19


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