General vaccine trends in India -24

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Jun 28, 2021
  • Vaccine Tracker: India began the second phase of vaccination against the novel coronavirus on 01 March 2021. According to the health ministry, as of 28 June 2021, 26.69 crore persons have been administered at least one dose of the vaccine.

1. Common Misinformation & Vaccine Hesitancy: 

  • Prashant Bhushan spreads misinformation on vaccination via tweets.  
  • Antibiotic jabbed instead of COVID-19 vaccine at fake centers in Kolkata.
  • Fake COVID-19 vaccine camp comes to light in Thane, several booked.  
  • Fake COVID-19 vaccination: Nurse injects man with an empty syringe, video goes viral 
  • Fake claim going viral on social media that COVID-19 vaccines make the vaccinated person Bluetooth compatible. 
  • Old Message revived as new lockdown restrictions in various countries to contain the third wave of COVID-19. 
  • Singapore has not conducted an autopsy on dead COVID-19 patients and declared COVID-19 as a bacterium.     
  • The U.S. Government has neither sacked Dr. Fauci nor admitted that the COVID-19 virus is man-made.
  • No, Government is not implanting microchips into human bodies through COVID-19 vaccine.  
  • Mumbai fake COVID-19 vaccine camp: Woman held for providing false certificates.
  • Mumbai: SIT to probe fake vaccination racket suspected of using distilled water in vials. 
  • Multiple YouTube videos falsely claim Covid-19 vaccination as ‘ineffective’.  
  • Vaccine hesitancy high among women in rural Kashmir due to fertility concerns.
  • Vaccine hesitancy continues to spread in Madhya Pradesh.     
  • Gujarat: Eight arrested for spreading COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.  
  • Covid-19 vaccination: Fear, myths & rumors inject vaccine hesitancy.  
  • Vaccine hesitancy slowing efforts to inoculate differently-abled.  
  • Vaccine hesitancy: Madhya Pradesh man climbs tree with wife’s Aadhaar card.
  • Vaccine hesitancy persists among 13 primitive vulnerable tribal groups of Odisha.
  • Vaccine hesitancy, Covid myths rife in UP's Raebareli.      
  • COVID-19: Shots for 60+ group hit hesitancy hurdle.  
  • Rumors affect vax drive in rural areas of Meghalaya.  

2. Countering vaccine hesitancy-Success stories:

  • Young Odisha sarpanch helps his panchayat overcome vaccine hesitancy.  
  • Fintechs lend a hand in the COVID-19 fight, take on vaccine hesitancy in villages.
  • COVID-19: Muslim leaders in Maharashtra's Jalna strive to reduce the community's vaccine hesitancy.    
  • Mumbai University students mount campaign to fight Covid vaccine hesitancy.
  • COVID-19: Officials brave hilly terrain, vaccine hesitancy to inoculate remote India.    

3. Overperforming/common trends in the last week:

  • CrowdTangle Insights from the previous week- the post on Sonu Sood selling bread, eggs and more as he promotes 'Sonu Ki Supermarket’ has overperformed by 665.87 times.
  • The post on the fake vaccination incident where a nurse injected an empty syringe in Bihar has overperformed by 452.40 times.
  • The post on Spotify brings you stories of hope during India’s raging pandemic has overperformed by 134.37 times.

4. On-ground surveys on COVID-19

  • India Coronavirus Dispatch: Vaccine hesitancy still prevalent, finds survey.
  • More men got vaccines than women: 54 percent men have received the vaccine compared to 46 percent women -- a gap of 8 percent.
  • India’s Covid gender gap: women left behind in vaccination drive.  
  • Sero survey tracks Covid antibodies in 55% of the Uttar Pradesh population.   
  • Mask compliance still remains low in India despite most lethal COVID-19 wave: Survey
  • Two in five urban Indians' financial situation worsened in second wave: Report.
  • 79% seropositivity in adult urban population, latest national serosurvey reveals.
  • The plight of India's working women worsened after COVID-19 second wave, finds LinkedIn survey.  
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