General vaccine trends in India- 32

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Aug 23, 2021
  • Vaccine Tracker: India began the second phase of vaccination against the novel coronavirus on 01 March 2021. According to the health ministry, as of 23 August 2021, 45.15 crore persons have been administered at least one dose of the vaccine

1.  Common Misinformation/Prevalence of Vaccine Hesitancy:

  • WHO issues medical alert on fake Covishield vaccines
  • Six held in Gujarat over 250 fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates
  • Fake news on a video claims that there is no coronavirus. The cough, sneezing, breathlessness, and indigestion are due to dryness in mucus on the YouTube channel Unmask Express
  •  Vaccine hesitancy: fear of stigma, side-effects grip transgenders
  • TN, Bihar, and UP lag in jabs for 45+ age group
  • Tamil Nadu: Hesitancy, fear behind less vaccination among pregnant women

2. Countering vaccine hesitancy- Success Stories/strategies to reduce hesitancy:

  •  Ghadi tackles vaccine hesitancy in its latest film
  • Panchayats, NGOs have a big role to play in weeding out vaccine hesitancy, propelling rural India's fight against COVID-19
  • Young people as vaccine buddies, fake news police can help India fight COVID-19: UNICEF India Representative Dr. Yasmin Haque
  • Vaccination drive has made heartening gains. Local governments must build on them
  • Shed vaccine hesitancy, Bengaluru civic agency urges citizens

3. Overperforming/common trends in the last week:

  •  CrowdTangle Insights from the previous week- the post on Banega Swasth India live with Dr. Rahul Pandit on how to prevent catching COVID-19 after vaccination has overperformed by 804.55 times
  • The post on pregnant women being given COVID-19 vaccine in Chandigarh for the safety of mother and child. Doctors and healthcare workers are encouraging more and more pregnant women to get vaccinated has overperformed by 308.94 times

4. On-ground surveys on COVID-19/Research studies on COVID-19 vaccines efficacy

  • Tamil Nadu: 27.6% of people above 60 years show vaccine hesitancy, says study
  • COVID-19 third wave peak likely in October: National Institute of Disaster Management Report
  • Bihar: More than half dozen COVID-19 deaths due to lack of oxygen, finds CPI-ML(L) Survey
  • Survey says 53% parents in India support reopening of schools in Aug-September
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