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Mar 28, 2021

Vaccine Tracker: India began the second phase of vaccination against the novel coronavirus on 1 March. According to the health ministry, India is set to cross 30 million mark in COVID-19 vaccination.

1. Common Misinformation:

·In the on-going vaccination, technical glitches and errors in data entry have been reported in Tamil Nadu. While some who were vaccinated faced a delay in getting the vaccination certificate, many others were left in a fix after they received certificates with the wrong dates of them getting the shots

·Recently, the page, The Truth about Cancer with more than a million Facebook followers stopped posting about vaccines and the coronavirus. It now directs people to sign up for its newsletter and visit its website to avoid alleged Facebook censorship

·A report written by Ami Kazmin was published in FT on January 26, 2021, which raised doubts not only over India’s vaccine program but also claimed that PM Modi had already been vaccinated with a foreign vaccine, but the information has been kept secret.

·A post is going viral on social media (Facebook & Twitter) with a claim that Queen Elizabeth II thanked PM Modi for Covid-19 vaccine is morphed. The fake thank-you note was displayed on a giant screen at London's world-famous Piccadilly Circus

·A post on Facebook claims that the vaccine certificate will be another attachment to passport for international travel and it will be mandatory for interstate travel internally. It will be mandatory for insurance, for hospital admissions and surgeries and that the 14-digit number is necessary

2. Over performing/common trends in the last week:

· CrowdTangle Insights from the previous week- The post on Pakistan to get 45 million doses of Made in India COVID-19 vaccines in March has overperformed by 32.69 times

·The post on the Union Health Ministry is removing all photographs of #PMModi from #COVID19 vaccine certificates in the upcoming Assembly elections in four states and one Union Territory, based on directions from the #ECI has overperformed by 33.80 times

·The post on DM tests positive for Covid-19 days after taking both doses of vaccine in Chhattisgarh has overperformed by 19.92 times

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